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At Gem-Crafters Jewelry Repair we also buy gold. We all have an old piece of jewelry or two that lies languishing at the bottom of the jewelry box. By selling the jewelry to Gem-Crafters Jewelry Repair, you are giving new life to a still precious metal and walking away with extra cash in your pocket.

Our trained professionals check the fair market value of gold on a daily basis. All estimates are based on this and are always completely free. Don’t take the chance of taking it to a pawnshop, and getting much less than its worth. Bring it in to the professionals at Gem-Crafters Jewelry Repair and make sure you’re getting fair market value every time.

Another great service we can offer you here is help deciding what to sell and what to keep. If we think in our professional opinion, that one or more of your pieces may garner more worth by being passed down through generations, we will never pressure you into selling it. We will give you a fair and honest answer to all of your questions, guaranteed.

All gold jewelry is required by law to have its grade stamped on each piece. For bracelets and necklaces, the grade is usually printed on or near the end piece or clasps. For rings, the grade is usually found on the inner side. A number with a “K” or “KP” (not GP or GE) on the end, a three-digit number, or karats usually distinguish the grades, depending on the piece’s country of origin. It’s good to check your jewelry yourself before taking it to be sold.

You can rest easy knowing that we, at Gem-Crafters Jewelry Repair, are here to offer you the most honest and fair venue in which to sell your gold.

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